Seventh Son [Vudu HD or Movies Anywhere HD via Vudu]

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In the 18th century, Spooks protect the village from all manner of spooky things like spirits, witches, ghouls and boggarts. Every Spook eventually needs an apprentice to pass on the art of protection. John Gregory is the seventh son of a seventh son. He's been the local Spook for many years, but he has to find an apprentice who can handle the grueling training. Spooks live a hard life, and the apprentices John has tried to train have all met with violent ends. John has one last shot at finding an apprentice in a farmer's son. Another seventh son of a seventh son, Thomas is the last chance to save the world. During Thomas' training, the most vicious witch to live has escaped her bonds. Once confined and out of commission, she is now on the hunt. Can Thomas take his limited training and save the world. Does he have what it takes?

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